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Two Years After the Fire: Where Is Notre-Dame Now?

On April 15th, 2019, the world was devastated by the fire at the Notre-Dame Cathedral. It dominated world news for days and weeks as the true toll of the fire came to be understood. See the progress towards rebuilding and restoration, and learn more about how to protect and preserve the future of this iconic landmark.

Notre-Dame: Own a Piece of the Puzzle

After the fire, workers painstakingly collected the remains of any damaged parts of the cathedral building and its artworks. Each artifact is a “piece of the puzzle” awaiting restoration. Each has a unique history and story. Donors can learn more about these artifacts and choose specific ones to invest in restoring.

Post-Pandemic Philanthropy: A Return to Notre-Dame

With U.S. political and cultural turmoil going head to head with the pandemic in competing for America’s attention, philanthropy in many cases was relegated to a distant afterthought. Finally, as Americans begin to emerge from the height of that chaos, we are seeking to reengage with the giving spirit that lifts our hearts. It’s time for a fresh look at Notre-Dame.

The Future of Notre-Dame: Restoring, Rebuilding, Renovating

The iconic cathedral has long required restoration. In fact, the most recent restoration in the 1800s actually weakened the structure overall. Since the 2019 fire, those committed to restoring this beloved monument have an all-new set of obstacles to overcome.

A Digital Gateway Into the History of Notre-Dame de Paris

A new interactive website allows visitors to learn about numerous artifacts from the Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral that were damaged in the 2019 fire. The pieces both make up the physical environment of the cathedral and tell stories of its history and cultural relevance.
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